Learning to code at Flatiron School

Getting Started With Ruby by @danielmorrison Is a Great Intro to Ruby

One of our assignments this weekend was to find a Ruby presentation on Speaker Deck and review it for a blog post. I wanted to find a good intro to Ruby and Daniel Morrison’s “Getting Started with Ruby” was perfect. Note, I’m only reviewing the slides, not the actual live presentation.

The slide show did a great job of going through all the Ruby basics, from Data Types and Strings to Methods and Variables. Each topic got its own slide that included an explanation as well as an example. As you can see below, the slide on Arrays showed how to create one and a few examples of how they can be manipulated.

He even tried to tackle Regular Expressions. Though I thought his explanation was far to cursory to really teach a n00b about regular expressions, I had to remind myself that this was after all just an intro presentation.

I did like how the next slide featured the awesome regular expression tool, Rubular.

He finished up the deck by introducing Ruby on Rails, showing an example of parsing JSON, and a few slides on debugging. Overall this was a great intro to Ruby presenation, even without any audio accompaniment. I wish I could see Daniel give it live, as I’m sure it would rock.